Boards and Committees


2021 Executive Committee

President                                                    Michael Peet, Modern Controls, Inc.

Senior Vice President                                John A. Everhart, Merit Construction Engineers, Inc.

Second Vice President                              Alisha Bryson, Wayman Fire Protection, Inc.

Third Vice President                                  Steve Dennis, Schlosser & Associates

Treasurer/Secretary                                   Terrence T. Gleason, Eastern States Construction

Allied Division President                          Joseph Sparco, Preferred Electric, Inc.

Merit Shop Division President                 Peter Erony, Mumford & Miller Concrete, Inc.

Associate Member Council Director        David Aquadro, Super Enterprises, Inc.

Associate Member Council Director        Sallie Ann Conner, Schneider Trailer & Container Rental

Immediate Past President                         Brian DiSabatino, EDiS Company

2021 Board of Directors

Barry J. Baker, A-Del Construction Co., Inc.

Leonard Brooks, George & Lynch, Inc.

Atul Chugh – Alphagraphics

Sallie Ann Conner, Schneider Trailer & Container Rental

Joshua Fanelli, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Robert Field, Eastern Highway Specialists, Inc.

Gladys D. King, J&G Building Group

David Kitto, Patriot Insulation Contractors, Inc.

Michael Petka, Bancroft Construction Co.

Anthony Rizzo, Joseph Rizzo & Sons Construction Co., Inc.

Joseph Sparco, Preferred Electric


Civic Affairs Construction Council – Political Action Committee

The mission of the Council is dedicated to the protection, preservation and furtherance of the private enterprise system and, in particular, to the protection and advancement under law of the commercial, heavy, highway, industrial, institutional and utility segments of the construction industry in Delaware.  To fulfill these objectives, funds may be solicited and received and the Council may expend those monies to assist, by means of direct financial contributions, candidates for public office who, it is believed by the Council, are in general agreement with the objectives of the Council.

DCA-DelDOT Liaison Committee

The mission of the DCA/DelDOT Liaison Committee is to enhance the working relationship between the construction community and the Delaware Department of Transportation.  The Committee pursues the resolution of inefficient and unreasonable DelDOT procedures and policies to improve the way the highway construction industry does business with the Department.  The Committee also works with DelDOT to develop new procedures and policies to satisfy the needs of the Department, the industry and the traveling public.

John J. McMahon, Jr.  Scholarship Trust

The John J. McMahon Scholarship Trust mission is to encourage Association members’ employees and their dependents to pursue post-secondary education courses of study that relate to the construction industry. The scholarship trust provides two and four year academic scholarships to students who undertake post-secondary education.  The Board of the Scholarship Trust oversees the administration of the Trust and assists DCA staff in soliciting applications from the Association’s members.

Workforce Development Committee

The mission of this Committee is to plan, prepare, choose and implement programs of educational benefit to participants in the local construction industry, to promote careers in construction and to serve as a training and information resource for our members.

Finance Committee

Responsible for ensuring the continued financial health of the Association, the DCA Finance Committee monitors revenues, expenditures, debts, investment performance and accounting procedures. The Committee guides DCA’s staff regarding the provision of financial reports required by the Association’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  The Committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for action.

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee, in concert with the Civic Affairs Construction Council, advises the Executive Committee on governmental issues affecting the Association and the industry.  This committee, along with DCA staff, develops and pursues the adoption of legislation and regulations to benefit the industry.  Committee members actively assist the DCA Government Relations team by engaging with governmental agencies and elected officials as needed.

Membership Committee

The mission of the Membership Development Committee is to strengthen the membership through member engagement and value.

Education and Training Committee

The mission of this Committee is to promote safe practices and standards on all job sites throughout the State of Delaware, and to:

  • Educate DCA members and their employees in applicable OSHA standards,
  • Communicate with members on upcoming or revised standards and/or regulations,
  • Assist members and guide them in the proper direction when challenged by State and/or Federal agencies.

Black Skilled Trades and Careers Council

The purpose of this committee is to facilitate the advancement of the skilled trades within the black community.  Formerly underrepresented in our industry, this committee seeks to identify potential skilled trades people, inform them of the benefits of this career path, and guide them to success.