Welcome to DCA!

These are extraordinary times.  And there has never been a better time to be a member of the Delaware Contractors Association.  Why?  Because what we do every day matters. And what we do together can change the course of history.

When we are alone, we can dig a ditch, but together we can connect unrelated bodies of water. Alone, we can certainly measure a board, but together we can lift it to provide shelter. Alone we can imagine a future, but together we can make it happen.  In our lives we are each accomplished sole practitioners, but together we are an industry. And our industry changes lives.  It provides power, comfort, shelter, inspiration and compassion.

This year we saw the world nearly crumble.  And while there were many in despair, we banded together and we built.  The ultimate result of our relationship to each other and how we represented our trades to the community gave them hope.  We literally and figuratively laid the foundations for tomorrow.

You are among the best of the best.  Because we are better, together.

Brian DiSabatino